Wednesday, August 09, 2006


(from a friend, who posted in the comments at Howard Empowered.)

The Alachua Project site announced this morning that the depositions of City officials has begun at City Hall (their own territory) this morning and the defendants all objected to Charlie being present even though he is a key investigator in this and is a plaintiff.

Charlie's banishment from the City of Alachua has cost him very much to date. He put all of his resources and money into this battle rather than his personal affairs and his election campaign.

He had to remove himself from the race for the State legislature because he is refusing the deal offered by the State Attorney. He has not been able to relocate to a new home. He has not been able to work. His finances are in really bad shape as a result and his health is not much better. He is sacrificing everything to fight this battle.

If anyone has a chance to give him a call please do so. He can use our support right now.

Go to the free alachua site to see the post.