Saturday, March 31, 2007

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I apologize for the tardiness of this post. My computer has been on the blink today.

Both Michael and Charlie himself checked in at Howard Empowered this afternoon. Their comments are below.

A Gainesville videographer named Tom Miller created this video in 3-4 days about Charlie Grapski's trials and tribulations in Alachua. There's much more to tell but this gives you a glimpse of what we're up against here.

Charlie was handcuffed and dragged from a city commission meeting on February 12 (see video), in a totally staged assault on his rights as a citizen. Despite having more bogus criminal charges brought against him (including felony resisting arrest with violence), he is running for Alachua City Commission.

The election is April 10th (search for news articles, keywords: alachua grapski election).

City officials canceled the election by disqualifying the challengers (including Charlie) but they relented and allowed them to qualify after being challenged in court. Now the election is on, but with no way to make up the lost time.

Please pass on the video (Quicktime 200Mb, DVD available from Charlie) and pass the word that Charlie Grapski is still under fire here in Alachua.

Contributions can be made to the defense fund ( or to his campaign (Call for info: 866-466-0087 or 352-871-1991) Keep checking for updates (Charlie will get to it eventually)...


Hey all,

Thanks Mike for putting that up there. Its a video I think you guys really need to see. It gives a glimpse into the last year in my life in Alachua.

You can download it from that link. Its a quicktime file. (But its a bit large). I am hoping that you guys can help get the video up and around and spread about for people to watch. We have a DVD quality version - and the guy who made the film (Tom Miller) has given me permission to spread it around in any way we can. So we are trying to get DVD copies made to distribute around.

Please take a look at the video and help spread it around.

I have been given a total of two weeks to run an entire campaign after they cancelled the election when I qualified. So I am out on the streets and just trying to get the word out.